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Rehearsal Dinner at GrayBarns

Rehearsal Dinner at GrayBarns
The magic of our wedding weekend began with our rehearsal dinner at GrayBarns.  It was so joyful to unite our two families for a beautiful evening at GrayBarn's outdoor Courtyard.  We ate the most delicious four courses - the freshest Burrata followed by delectable Cacio e Pepe & Branzino & the most delicious fruit tart.  It was truly a love-filled night.  It was wonderful to see the young cousins play and bond after Covid and such a trying period in their young lives. Seeing the young and older members of our family from all corners come together was something we will cherish forever.

The Setting

GrayBarns Inn which epitomizes classic & sleek Connecticut vibes. We chose it as it would be a nice contrast to our more colorful and embellished wedding reception.
Naveen and I held our rehearsal dinner in the outdoor courtyard which seated about 45 guests under a beautiful canopy (It did rain a bit!) . It was so beautiful to be surrounded by the string lights and pear trees.
Our whimsical flower arrangements that my mom created in Amanda Lindroth vases.  We chose a mix of Bouvardia, Veronicas & Clematis to create a romantic and hand picked-from-the-garden look.
Cousins from both sides meeting for the first time.  It was the sweetest thing to see their joy and excitement. 

The Scene

The love was truly palpable - something that would continue through the weekend.


I wore our new Paloma triple earrings & Tortoise Flower Clutch.
Mom wore our Cigar Band ring, diamond Etoile Earrings.
My sister-in-law Anjalee in our Tara earrings.
Naveen and I could not have been happier and more in love - it was a wonderful start to an amazing weekend. 
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