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  • Provence Perfection: Mom's Birthday Voyage

Provence Perfection: Mom's Birthday Voyage

Provence Perfection: Mom's Birthday Voyage

At the tail end of the summer, and after my sister Katy's Greenwich wedding (post coming!), we were off to France to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday.  I wanted to surprise her with a celebratory trip to commemorate this milestone birthday and take her back to places we had visited in years past on childhood family vacations.  First stop, was St. Tropez to kick off the birthday fun with a lively lunch at Gigi.  We walked and shopped the iconic village, drank rosé and took in the beauty of the azure waters. St. Tropez was followed by a magical week in Provence with our girl group including my sister, Katy, Annabel and baby Serena.  We split our time between Avignon (we stayed at my mom's favorite hotel La Mirande) and Gordes which happened to be our absolute favorite...saving the best for last!  Gordes was out of a Provencal fairytale.  We stayed at La Bastide which was once a 12th century Monastery carved into a steep hill overlooking scenic hilltops with a magnificent pool.  The décor was pure French perfection - think lots of Pierre Frey & Braquenie.  It truly was a week to remember and it was such a joy to celebrate mom with all her girls. xx

Part 1: St. Tropez

Newly arrived and strolling the streets of Saint Tropez.

Mom looking ravishing in a new lime kaftan sample that is coming soon!

South of France street scenes that conjure that feeling of endless summer.

Lunch at Gigi to kick of the birthday celebrations! There is nothing like a chic beach club to set the mood.

Mimi & Annabel - so special to see the generations.

With my little love bug who was such a great traveler.

We enjoyed stunning views of the azure waters of the Mediterranean at La Reserve in Ramatuelle.

Part Deux: Avignon

A beautiful nook at La Mirande - the hotel in Avignon where we stayed.  Always a favorite of my mom's it is right next to the Pope's Palace in the Medieval walled city of Avignon.

Serena perched on a plush chaise in our room at La Mirande - this was her first international trip at almost 4 months!

The breakfast room at La Mirande - hints of French grandeur of the 18th century.

The chic bar at La Mirande.

Always say yes to a French carousel!

Annabel at nearly 12 years old loving French life and especially a French pharmacy.

The Grande Finale: Gordes

On the grounds of the Magnificent La Bastide in Gordes.  Having an ASHA Kaftan moment!

Avec mes jeunes filles...will always cherish this memory.

The glorious pool at La Bastide with views to write home about.

Chic maman in her ASHA pareo heading to la piscine.

Aunt Katy and little Serena poolside.

Decor dreams in this little Pierre Frey nook at La Bastide.

Bar goals!

Provençal charm in Gordes.

Inspiration abounds at the Medieval church in the town of Gordes.

 Wearing our new Lucia Kaftan in Midnight... will be wearing this into the fall at home and reminiscing about our magical travels in the French countryside. xx