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A Heavenly Honeymoon - Part 1

A Heavenly Honeymoon - Part 1

A few days after our wedding celebration, Naveen and I jetted off to Italy for what was to be the most memorable honeymoon.  We flew to Rome and drove two hours North West to the Tuscan Coast.  We stayed in literal paradise at Il Pellicano and enjoyed the most gorgeous surroundings - think heaven perched on rocky cliffs overlooking azure waters, rosemary scented air, world class gastronomy & a glamorous clientele.  We were one of very few Americans and we felt transported to another era of European elegance and refined beauty.  

After our stint at Il Pellicano we headed back to Rome and ventured to Capri (via Naples).  I've always loved taking trains in Europe as it reminds me of my grandfather who had a passion for European trains & travel.  Capri was a nice contrast to Il Pellicano as it offered more walking, shopping, restaurants and hiking - however to us - it did not have the level of sheer elegance and magic of Il Pellicano.

Stay turned for part 2 -- Paris! 

Il Pellicano 

Founded by lovers in the 60s - a British aviator - who famously survived a plane crash in the African bush w/o a parachute - & an American socialite (once courted by Hollywood legend Clark Gable) - the couple created the ultimate romantic hideaway carved into a rocky Tuscan cove. It’s an absolute gem and evokes the beauty and glamour of another era. 

The breathtaking vistas at Il Pellicano on the Tuscan coast. 

The gardening and landscaping was other worldly - the lavender was sculpted into perfect spheres and laced the air. 

Wearing one of my favorite pareos from our collection.
Before dinner at one of the two restaurants on the property - both were exquisite - one fancier, & Michelin star rated and the other with a broader menu and slightly more relaxed.
Wearing our new Pearl Flower clutch & Paloma Leaf earrings. 
Our Cabana tote was the perfect beach carry-all.
Sumptuous meals & Slim Aarons vibes at Il Pellicano.


From Il Pellicano (Porto Ercole) we drove to Rome and trained to Naples and arrived in Capri by hyrdofoil. Capri is classic and epitomizes la dolce vita; we stayed at JK Place and spent our days walking, shopping and hopping to different beach clubs.  We took a boat tour of the grottos one day and arrived to La Fontelina for lunch by water which was a treat.  

At JK Place wearing our Mimi Dress. 

We had the most glorious cruise around the island exploring the grottos and taking in the sights of Capri.

La Fontelina.

I loved mixing a bunch of charms & pendants on my neck wire including the Capri charm of course. 

My sister gifted us a tote from Over The Moon with our wedding monogram - it was a great travel bag from the airport to the beach.


We had a delicious lunch at Il Riccio and checked out the Dior pop up where a DJ was spinning fun music including our favorite Jimmy Sax from St. Barths.  

Cabana was one of my favorite shops - beautiful tabletop and objets for the home.

Favorite restaurants in Capri were Villa Margherita & Aurora.

It was the dreamiest of trips! Stay tuned for Paris... 

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