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ASHA x Nealy Hauschildt Pareos

ASHA x Nealy Hauschildt Pareos
This past spring while in Harbour Island, we launched a fun collaboration of pareos with artist Nealy H.  I commissioned Nealy to paint motifs from our jewelry and dress collections and she reimagined them in beautiful watercolors.  I chose color palettes that reminded me of my favorite beaches: Pink Sands in Harbour Island, Flamands in St. Barths and Surfside in Nantucket. The striking artwork was then printed on linen/cotton fabric with fringed edges with the most exquisite Italian craftsmanship. We've now added more prints and colors and we couldn't be more excited to share them with you. 

The Latest: Mykonos, Monomoy & Sconset

About the Artist: Nealy Hauschildt
I’m a Brooklyn-based artist, originally from just outside of Boston. I grew up in a pretty creative family ––everything from architects and writers, to other fine artists. My  grandmother, a watercolor portraitist, gave me lessons in her studio in Maine growing up––I learned everything from how to mix paint to caring for my brushes. It became clear early on that I wanted a creative career as well. After getting my BFA from the University of Michigan, I moved to New York to pursue art, and now live with my husband in Brooklyn Heights.

Wayland, Massachusetts  

Favorite part about your job:

I’d have to say, the actual painting ––a lot of the business side takes over most days,  and the time I get in my studio is so valuable to me. Painting is a lot like meditation or  solving a puzzle––I can get lost in a painting for hours! I also love working with collectors. I can’t put into words how rewarding it is when my work makes someone else  happy––it’s the ultimate gift!

Favorite ASHA piece:

Oh, this one is hard, but I think my Flower Hoop-la earrings. Recently I’ve had my eyes  on the diamond clover studs, though! 

What inspires your art?

All my work revolves around nature in one sense or another. I’m especially interested in  our relationship to nature through color and shape––anything from the repeating pattern  of a flower’s petals, to how water can take on so many different hues. It’s really all about our captivation with these natural wonders.