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Nantucket - Far Away Island

Nantucket - Far Away Island

Nantucket, one of my favorite places on earth, is an island I've visited every summer since childhood.  In Algonquion (the native language of the first settlers), it  means, "far away island" - and for me it symbolizes a magical place we trek to annually, that conjures far away memories normally tucked away during the year's hustle and bustle.  I'm not sure if it's the dunes, the sandy beach paths, the thick salty air, the cobblestones, or the bustle of Main Street - but Nantucket for me is a reminder of perfect summer, simple joys, and tradition. A sort of wonderful constant.

It was so nice to be on island with my whole family and enjoy some down time, but I always love my time at Centre Pointe in town for our annual trunk show.  I've had many summer trunk shows on Nantucket, but this one was our most successful to date! It was so rewarding as a designer to see so many of our clients wearing their ASHA and I loved getting to meet so many new faces.  I realize how much the business has grown - a true testament to hard work, passion & perseverance. A lesson I'm grateful to be able to teach to my daughter, Annabel. I really do feel fortunate to do what I love, and travel to amazing places and meet world class people while I'm at it.  Thank you to our incredible clients who have made this a reality.

Here are some visual highlights from the trip and some favorite places along the way. xx Ashley 

 Scenes from Nantucket... 

Family Time

In town with my Annabel.

Bikes at Ladies Beach.


Such a fun beach day at Ladies - swimsuit by Jets. 

Pretty sailboats on a day on the water with friends.

Annabel at Bartlett's Farm - our favorite market with the best summer tomatoes!  

Annabel and mom dressed for dinner on the town.

Dinner in Sconset

The Chanticleer in Sconset - one of our favorite restaurants on island.

Our limited edition blue chalceondy coordinates pendant and mother of pearl charm.


Cocktails at the Westmoor

At the Westmoor club where we had a cocktail party to toast the start of our pop up at 28 Centre Pointe. Wearing a new Temptation dress available for purchase here.

The scene at the Westmoor Club.

Glamorous mom in her Zoe Earrings & Roller Rabbit tunic (I have it too!)

Marrakech inspired Flip Ring.

My new favorite Diamond Mosaic Flower Pendant on our best selling oval link chain.

A pretty client showing off our Amelie Diamond Band

Annabel loved meeting our clients too!

Katy in her Saloni dress wearing our new Camellia Drop earrings in turquoise.

Camellia Drop earrings in turquoise.

28 Centre Pointe Trunk Show

Kicking off our 2 day pop up at 28 Centre Pointe.

Happy ASHA girls. Wearing our Double Heart earrings and new Camellia Pendant.

A Family Affair

Girls out on the town!

Sconset street scene.

Annabel wrapped up in my Dudley Stephens Bedford Blanket.  

The Summer House in Sconset. 

A perfect summer beach path...