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A weekend in Mallorca

A weekend in Mallorca

Last weekend I discovered Mallorca for the first time and was wowed by its beauty. My sister, Katy, and I decided on an impromptu sister weekend to start off summer and it was an absolute treat.  We stayed at Cap Rocat, a former 19th century military fortress and one of this summer's hot spots.  The fortress perched on the bay of Palma was acquired by one of Mallorca's prominent architects, Antonia Obrador, and transformed into a serene resort after he decided to purchase the property for his daughter's wedding. The dramatic architecture, vaulted archways and walled motes were really something quite spectacular - a mix of Game of Thrones meets sleek Aman. 

From mountains to coves and rocky beaches, the varied topography of the island is unparalleled and we loved our day trip to Deià.  We crossed the island by car, drove through the mountains and found ourselves in the magical coastal village of Deià where the famed hotel La Residencia is located (once owned by Richard Branson).  Loaded with charm and rugged beauty, La Residencia is a must and I would recommend staying a couple of nights at Cap Rocat and here.  Hiking down to Ca's Patró March for lunch - a sort of pared down version of Capri's La Fontelina - was an absolute delight and reminiscent of a Slim Aaron's photo brought to life.

For a glamorous and relaxed weekend, Mallorca is the perfect getaway.  Here are some highlights from the trip.


Kicking off summer at Cap Rocat.

Sisters off to dinner in Palma - Tast Club and Simply Fosh are top spots to try.

If you can swing it, the Sentinel suites are the nicest rooms with unobstructed sea views and your own plunge pool.

On the other side of the island, Deià is a lush gem perched in the hills overlooking rugged beaches.

La Residencia is absolutely stunning and worth staying at or visiting for the day.

Katy in her Gardenia Drops with her Hand Painted Scallop Pouch in hand.

Our favorite dinner was at Café Miró at La Residencia.  The food was top notch and we could hear villagers singing in the hills - truly out of another era!

Beach bound in our Laurent Chandelier earrings.

Breathtaking lunch views at Ca's Patró March.

Our new Moonstone Cross 

The gorgeous blue hues of the Mediterranean snapped at lunch.

Exploring the little village of Deià.

Local Spanish pottery.

Back at Cap Rocat.

Cap Rocat by day.

Cap Rocat by night.

A visit to Palma.

Local shopping in the Old City.

Gathering design inspiration from Palma's beautiful architecture.

Pretty Pottery found at Terra Cuita in Palma.

Until next time, Mallorca!