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Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars
Our zodiac collection has always been a core part of our business since the early days - in fact, it's one of the styles I spy most "out in the wild" on customers near and far.  So, when artist and friend, Sally King McBride, told me she was launching a new astrology-inspired alphabet  from her "Letter Nest" collection, I thought it was the perfect moment to collaborate and highlight her beautiful work.  I'm a big supporter of female founders and such a fan of Sally's - (I commissioned her last year to paint Annabel's name which you can see here.)  Before launching the "Letter Nest," Sally worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for 10 years and now channels her love of whimsy and childhood magic into her works.  We shot letters from her new capsule paired with different zodiac jewelry and teamed up with British Vogue's resident astrologist, Alice Bell, who penned a series of horoscopes just for us. Happy reading! xx Ashley 

 With Sally at the ASHA Penthouse.

Sally King McBride and her new astrology alphabet.

Aries is always up for an adventure, and she has a youthful energy that doesn’t fade with age. She likes to push herself to take initiative and try new experiences, such as hiking in Peru or hitting the slopes in Switzerland. She doesn’t back down from a challenge easily, and she’s usually the person to raise everyone else’s spirits. She might be drawn to accessories that don’t get in the way of her active lifestyle, such as a colorful suede wrap bracelet or a pair of floral stud earrings

Taurus likes to surround herself with beauty. Whether she’s admiring the spring flowers on her walks through the park or cooking up new recipes in the kitchen, she enjoys savoring the small moments in life. She also practices patience when working towards her goals, and once she has made up her mind about something she is set on achieving it. Her personal style is subtle but elegant, and she’s drawn to timeless accessories such as a gold cuff bracelet or floral hoop earrings

Gemini has a mind that never rests. She can often be found with a book in her hand or chronicling her many ideas in a journal. She also likes to be out and about, meeting new people and engaging in stimulating conversations. There is usually an interesting story that she’s dying to share with everyone. Because she’s prone to changing her opinions, she might prefer accessories that have a duo element to them such as a zodiac pendant coupled with a cosmos charm, or a pair of Camellia double drop earrings

Cancer is emotionally sensitive, and she needs time to get to know you before she fully opens up. She has strong maternal instincts, often taking on the role of the nurturer in her relationships. Having a solid home life is very important to her, and she loves to partake in family traditions such as an annual trip to the beach or gathering everyone together for the holidays. She might be drawn to traditional jewelry styles, such as a lattice gold stacking ring or berry ear climbers

Leo lights up the room when she walks in. She has a playful sense of humor and an infectious joy that people like to be around. Whether it’s making progress on her latest painting project or rehearsing for her next on stage performance, she likes to have her hand in a number of creative projects. When it comes to her style, she prefers to dress in bright colors and fun prints. She also leans into statement accessories, like a pair of chandelier earrings or a bold Sardinia clutch

Virgo is very fond of her daily routines. She is at her best when she’s being productive and staying on top of several different tasks at once. Her health is also a priority, and you can usually find her trying out a new yoga class or reading up on the latest food trends. Everything has to serve a purpose for Virgo, including her accessories. She prefers jewelry that is subtle but still adds flair, such as a Kismet petite cuff or a Carlotta pendant

Libra likes to keep the peace. She’s easily able to compromise in her relationships, and she makes an effort to consider the opinions of other people. A hopeless romantic, she dreams of a happy ending with someone such as those in the books she reads and the movies she watches. She also appreciates art and fashion and likes to stay up to date on the latest trends. She enjoys jewelry that has elements of love and beauty, such as a pair of garden earrings or a wrapped heart charm

Scorpio comes across as intense. She values her privacy, and she tends to keep her feelings hidden until you’ve earned her trust. Not a fan of small talk, she likes to cut right to the chase and get to know you on a deeper level. Change is a constant in her life, and she’s always pushing herself to transform and do better. With her style, she veers towards darker colors and intricate jewelry such as a black enamel zodiac ring or Behati pearl earrings

Sagittarius is a world traveler. Whether she’s backpacking through Europe or island hopping in southeast Asia, she likes to immerse herself in different cultures and challenge herself to keep an open mind. An avid reader, she’s always teaching herself something new and then sharing this knowledge with everyone around her. Her optimistic attitude draws people in. She likes accessories that she can pack in her suitcase, and which remind her of her favorite places, such as a coordinates pendant or a hand painted passport case

Capricorn is driven to succeed. She readily takes on more responsibilities, and she’s always working towards the lofty goals she sets for herself. Her steady patience and strong leadership qualities easily earn the respect of other people. While juggling her personal life with her career, she manages to do it all with poise and elegance. Her style is classic yet practical, and she prefers accessories that she can pair with anything in her closet, such as a navy suede tote or a mother of pearl pendant

Aquarius marches to the beat of her own drum. She is always thinking outside of the box and coming up with new and innovative ideas for the future. Though she likes her independence, she is also friends with everyone and is skilled at bringing people together and forming a sense of community. With her very unique personal style, she is drawn to quirky prints or one off pieces that no one else owns. She might like her own personalized sleek zodiac ring or a celestial orb necklace

Pisces is usually off in her own little world. She is compassionate and giving to the people she cares about, and she’s quick to pick up on how others are feeling. Her strong emotions and active dream life inspire her creativity, and she is excited by mystical experiences such as a desert yoga retreat or touring ancient temples in Sicily. She likes jewelry she can wear close to her heart like an evil eye charm, and she’s drawn to colors in calming shades of turquoise and violet.