My Story - Behind the Brand

My Story - Behind the Brand
I got my start in Paris after a serendipitous meeting at a dinner party with Lorenz Baumer - then the head of fine jewelry for Chanel, while I was studying art history at La Sorbonne.  In between my classes, I started to design my first pieces with a Parisian goldsmith right off of Place Vendome which was a total dream.  I speak 5 languages and I was able to weave my love for design, business and language into these early encounters.  At the outset, I really wanted to create an elevated fashion jewelry line that used the finest materials while maintaining an accessible price point.  Since then, over the last decade, I've added handbags and fine jewelry to mix.  Art, architecture and world travel are the pillars of my brand and my pieces reflect an aesthetic that is fresh, classic and feminine. Watch our new brand video below! 


At my desk.  Design, marketing and all things creative are what I love most about my job.  Although, as an entrepreneur, you have to juggle lots of different hats and be able to fluidly pivot from one area of the business to another whether it is sales, customer service, production, accounting, & operations, etc.


Paris - my favorite city, ripe with inspiration and where it all began.


ASHA is a nickname that was given to me by my Cuban grandparents as a child. They had a profound influence on me, and as first generation immigrants they taught me the values of hard work, education and a passion for culture and history.


Greenwich is where I call home even though I have lived in NYC, Miami, Washington D.C., Florence & Paris. Some years after graduating from Greenwich Academy & Georgetown, I found my way back to this beautiful enclave. It’s a joy to be raising my daughter, Annabel, here and running ASHA from Greenwich Avenue. Even though we have factories & artisans in different parts of the world - from Florence & Thailand, to NYC and Argentina, it’s wonderful to be based in my hometown.


At home.  I love mixing classic and modern accents while keeping things clean & fresh.


Our cigar band in navy enamel & white topaz shot in the garden - I translate the same classic-modern vibes into my designs.


Our sun-filled "Penthouse" on Greenwich Avenue doubles as ASHA's creative headquarters and storefront.  It's a window into our world and a place to preview and shop all our of our collections, which include fashion jewelry, fine jewelry and handbags. 

Diamond Monogram Pendant from our fine line, Ashley McCormick.


The three generations in ASHA.  My mom is my best friend and muse, and has shown me what it is to be a successful working woman.  I hope to do the same for my daughter, Annabel. 


 One of my mood boards. From Marrakech to the islands, flowers and Moorish influences...some of the things that inspire me.


A handful of fashion & fine charms that can be mixed & matched. 



Redefining Classics.  Classic, fresh & feminine are some of the adjectives that come to mind when describing ASHA.  My designs recall the classics but with a clean, modern approach that is enjoyed by women of all ages. 


A watercolor sketch of our "Mosaic Flower" motif, painted by Ashley D Studio.  I met Ashley via Instagram and l love collaborating with and supporting other female founders in this new digital wave of business. 


Me & my team.  Speaking of amazing women - I've been smart about surrounding myself with incredible women who have helped me build this business.  Stay tuned to learn more about each of them and how their skill sets have created the perfect team.

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