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Inside Istanbul

Inside Istanbul

Over 1,000 years ago Istanbul, then Constantinople, was the richest and most cosmopolitan city in the world.  The intersection of trade connecting China's silk road to the Western world, Istanbul stood as the apex of culture, art, and power.  What an incredible treat it was to visit this ancient city and learn about the many cultures and religions that co-existed and to see the bountiful art and inspiration that came as a result of these cultural crossroads. 


Roof top drinks and a view of Aya Sofia from the Four Seasons.

There for three nights, my family and I stayed at the Four Seasons on the Bosphorus and enjoyed amazing dinners at Ceconni's at Soho House (formerly the US Embassy) - we loved it so much we went twice!  Seeing Aya Sofia (that's how the locals say it), which was built by the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian and served as a church and then a mosque under the Ottoman Empire, was a visual feast and highlight as a former art history major.  The Blue Mosque was also stunning as was Topkapi Palace - in particular - I loved seeing the Sultan's jewel like library.  Exploring the Grand Bazaar was right up my alley and I discovered some beautiful Ikat pillows I brought back to the Penthouse.  A cruise along the Bosphorus and experiencing the city from the water was incredible.  We saw palaces by sea and enjoyed dual views of the city which happens to straddle both European and Asian continents.

A jewel like chandelier at Aya Sofia, one of the world's largest & oldest domes.

Ikat heaven in the Grand Bazaar.  

Stay tuned for pillows I brought back!

The Sultan's jewel-like library at Topkapi Palace.

After 3 days it was time to head back to the States to get back to Annabel and work - but my mom and sister had the lucky pleasure to enjoy a few more days at the  Amanruya near Bodrum.  A must stop for me next time! As well as a visit to Maçakizi which is one of the most heavenly spots I've ever been to.

The serene and Zen Amanuya.

The ultra-chic Maçakizi..."St. Barths" of Turkey.