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How We Wear It | Zodiac Edition

How We Wear It | Zodiac Edition
Our Zodiac pendants and charms have been best sellers since we launched them over 10 years ago. I have always been fascinated by astrology and jewelry that tells a personal story. Our Zodiacs are such a great staple as they pair with lots of different looks and instantly make an outfit chic.
We love finding ways to make things feel meaningful, fresh and different so we are sharing some looks we love. Whether it's layering on your child’s zodiac or adding your favorite island destination, see how these #ASHAgirls made their Zodiac necklaces unique.

Doubled Up

@thehappilyeva wearing her Pisces pendant with two Zodiac charms for her children

@lemonstripes doubling her 30" chain and wearing her Martha's Vineyard Pendant, Zodiac pendant and an "A" initial charm for her daughter & husband.

Layered Looks

@inmyclosetblog does it all with her choker, 18" and 30" chains. Our Heart Clover Pendant is another perfect closet staple.
@lilies.and.lambs wearing our Celestial Orb, Zodiac charms, and Carlotta Pendant

@tylerboeclothing wearing all the ASHA

Flower Cuff, Petite Heart Charm, Zodiac Pendant, Quinn Charm, Zodiac Charm

Long & Sleek

@dudley_stephens wearing her Zodiac sign with charms for her two kids 

@graceatwood wearing her Libra pendant, Cape Cod charm, and Oxford Charm